Vacant Building Converted into a Coffee Shop in Columbus, Indiana

A 5,000 square foot building located in Columbus, Indiana was recently renovated and turned into a coffee shop – and they are winning awards!

Tyler and Alyssa Hodge moved to Columbus in 2012 and noticed an interesting building located on the east side of the town. They had a hunch that this building could be transformed into an incredible coffee shop.

The building – located in Eastbrook plaza and formerly serving as a bank, has become the second location of the Hodges Lucabe Coffee Co. This shop is one of 12 recipeints of the 2022 Modernism in America Awards, which are presented by a nonprofit organization called Docomom US. This organization stands for the, “Documentation and Conservation of buildings, sits, and neighborhoods of the Modern Movement.”


Lucabe receives architecture award for bank renovation | The Republic News