Protecting your investment

At Vacant Express, we know vacant properties require specialized coverage. In fact, we know it so well, it’s been the focus of our business since 1978. Our insurance products are tailored to provide coverage for the specific risks associated with a vacant property and more.

Empty room with balcony

Short Term Rental Insurance

We know the risks associated with renting your property as a vacation home, which is why we help protect you from damages caused by your guests and even compensate you for lost revenue. While homeowners insurance may not provide adequate protection, our short term rental policy will give you peace of mind should a mishap arise.

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House roof

Vacant Dwelling Insurance

While your vacant dwelling is waiting for new renters or owners, or just simply waiting, you can rest assured it’s properly protected. As your partner in property protection, we also can quickly and seamlessly transition your Vacant Dwelling policy to Landlord Insurance.

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Commercial buildings

Vacant Commercial Buildings

We understand the importance of protecting your investment for the future. As a vacant commercial building owner, you may be waiting for a new renter, renovating or constructing a new building. Our coverage gives you the peace of mind to know your commercial space will be protected for whatever new business comes its way.

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Apartment door

Landlord Insurance

From finding the right renters to regular maintenance, we understand: The life of a landlord can be busy. While we can’t help you pick the perfect tenant, we can help you feel confident your investment property is protected from damage—and you’re protected from losing income. Should you lose your tenant, we also can quickly and seamlessly transition your Landlord Insurance to a Vacant Dwelling policy.

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Worker at construction site


Are you ready to turn your vacant property into a dream home? Whether you’re renovating or completely remodeling, you can be confident your property is covered from the first swing of a hammer to finishing touches.

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Rooftop construction

New Construction Insurance

From first nail to final touches, you can feel confident that your new construction property is covered.Whether you’re at the beginning of your build or need to pick up coverage part way through construction, we can provide protection at the right price.

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