6 Tips to Reduce Your Vacant Property Liability

Vacant homes and properties, especially when not upkept, are a magnet for problems like burglars and squatters. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to protect your property from these problems! Read on for tips on how to reduce your vacant property liability.

Install Surveillance Systems

Burglars typically look for security or surveillance systems before breaking into a vacant building. If no such system is spotted, they are much more likely to break in. Install proper surveillance systems to protect your property and give you peace of mind! If something does happen, you’ll be able to spot it quickly and alert authorities.

Stage Your Home

If a home appears visibly empty, you might attract squatters, who will occupy the home because they have no place else to live. Be sure to leave some pieces of furniture staged in the home to make your place appear lived in.

Invest in Good Locks

Consider installing modern locks with digital features. This can add a whole new level of security to your home, and make it more difficult to break in.

Hire a Live-In Caretaker

Another way to make your property appear lived in is to hire a live-in caretaker! Besides the obvious protection that this affords, you’ll also have someone around to help with upkeep.

Maintain Your Property’s Curb Appeal

Mow the lawn, tend to the garden, pick up your mail and do whatever else you need to do to maintain your vacant property’s curb appeal.

Get Good Insurance

And finally, cover your bases by purchasing vacant property insurance! These policies can protect you in the event that something does happen to your property.