Vacant Property in Kalamazoo Converted Into a Small Cafe

A property in Kalamazoo, Michigan which has been vacant for nearly two decades is being converted into a neighborhood café! The Eastside Neighborhood Association is responsible for converting this long-empty property into a place for the community to gather.

The property will have enough room inside for 35 customers to sit at the planned five tables and counter bar. Outdoors will have three more tables – enough seating for an additional twelve people.

The purpose of the project is to reduce blight and to offer residents a local business at which to gather. Another goal is to improve the storefronts along the town’s East Main Street by attracting other businesses and start-ups to the area.

“[This opportunity] gave us a foothold in trying to show other businesses that it can be done!” shares Pat Taylor, executive director of the Eastside Neighborhood Association.